4th coop, will it be our last?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Please let this be the last chicken coop I build, at least for 5 years... Don't get me wrong, I learn a lot each time and I'm incredibly proud of how much we've done with literal tornado debris. But I'm simply tired of making & dismantling chicken coops.

The first one was built inside the barn. Huge, beautiful, exactly how we wanted. The second, an emergency coop in our back yard. Efficient. The third a chicken tractor that ended up being too heavy to haul. Functional. And now the forth one. Planned it out, it's moveable, big & echoes the original hobbit hole barn coop.

It's current location isn't the forever home. Early summer the girls & Blue will move to the barn yard. An exciting development! Pine tree clean up has gone into overdrive as planting season is quickly approaching. Once the 9 pines and debris have been cleared we can put up the much anticipated barnyard fence. This and barn/greenhouse construction will be game changers for us this year. Building a barn, my barn, our barn, almost makes up for loosing that old beauty. But please let this be our last coop. We love it.


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