6 months into clean up. The struggle is real.

It's been 6 months and it feels like we will never be finished.

Like most people my life time has been speckled with pain and loss.

I look at what we’ve both survived and how far we’ve come - and I can’t let all this go to waste, I have to make something out of all this pain.

Years ago an old friend said, turn a crisis into an opportunity, a crisatunity. It certainly stuck with me.

Does my heart still ache when I walk down what use to be my pine lined drive? Am I angry and exhausted from cleaning up every day & never seeing an end to the destruction and trash piles? Of course. We both are. More than we can express. But I see the possibilities ahead of us. And I wont let go of my vision. It’s still there, it’s still real.

When life gives you a tornado, clean it up.


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