Floret Workshop 2019

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Late fall 2018 we found out that Mud Lane flower farm was awarded a partial scholarship to join the Floret Flower Farm workshop. To say we were thrilled is an understatement. Erin is an authority in flower farming. That boost of confidence in our farm has meant the world to me.

The amount of knowledge and experience I've received in the last few months is more than I can soak in. As they told us, it will take you MONTHS to work through, learn it and use it all.

Farming has taught me a great deal of patience. Since I'm already a pretty patient Patty, this has given me so much room to truly be in the moment on my farm. Even with a truck load of patience you can always use more on a farm bustling with life!!

From the moment I opened the course packet I knew this was a game changer for building our farm. That was just the book, not to mention the videos and discussions and amazing farmers new & experienced that I've connected with.

The way I start seeds, record my progress, research, prepare my beds and look at my farm has all changed.

2018 took us down a rough road with the tornado & our continued recovery, but this course has set us years ahead. We are so grateful to Erin, Jill & the entire team at Floret for putting so much love, attention to detail, true passion & expertise into this workshop. I feel so empowered by what they taught me & what I continue to learn every day.

Are you growing flowers this year? Side garden or for market? No this isn't an ad, LOL, but if you want an amazing resource check out Floret's book & seed line. Legit, they're amazing.


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