Friendship, Flowers & Love...

Updated: Apr 13

...make the world go 'round! At least for me.

I remember the very first time anyone bought me flowers. It was my 17th birthday, a few dear friends took me out for a night on the town & showered me with bouquet after bouquet.

My heart beamed for days. I felt their love and friendship each time I looked at those flowers. I remembered all the glorious days kneeling in the grass with my mother planting flower beds as a young girl.

Even though they wilted and died about 2 decades ago, those first bouquets still represent something very special to me.

So I’m sure you can imagine - when a couple weeks ago one of those dear friends I mentioned above, asked me to put together something for his wife's birthday - to say I jumped for joy is an understatement!

When I introduce Chris, I often tell people that I wouldn't have survived 1997 without him, and it's true. Friend doesn't define who he is to me, he's my brother, always has been, always will be.

I tell you all of this not only to celebrate these wonderful humans - but because the joy and love I feel for them is what shaped YOUR flower orders this week!!

I wanted to make Michelle something special, that would remind her how much she is loved every time she looked at it. (I hope I succeeded!) And I hope it shined through in your wraps & vases!

Just like those cellophane and tissue wrapped bundles from 1997, this weeks flowers are a bright rainbow bridging every season and color I could!!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did designing them & reminiscing!

Much love to you all!



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