The first real snow

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Our pines are magical, the barn romantic. Together blanketed in fresh fluffy snow, it makes my heart sing. I could look down this lane for hours, listening to a hushed winter song and watching my beloved pines sway in the breeze.


It may seem like a slow, silent time on a farm, and honestly it is in comparison to spring and summer, but there is so much planning & prepping going into the 2018 season. Our first real season at market. Starting seeds, planning out beds, harvest schedules and much of the prep work that is essential to running an organized and efficient farm happens in the cold of winter.

Ice storm yesterday, before the snow

Plymouth Barred Rock in the snow

Our primary heat source

When we bought our farm, we knew it was a work in progress, not just transforming the landscape into useable beds and fields, but our home & lifestyle. Chopping, hauling & stacking firewood has been one of the most eye opening experiences in homesteading. Without wood, we don't have heat. (Fine, we could plug in a dozen space heaters that wouldn't really heat our home & would cost us a ton & be a fire hazard....)

Today's To-Do List

  1. Warm water bottles and extra treats to the chickens

  2. Organize seed packets

  3. Mix seed starting soil

  4. Order more bulbs and seeds

  5. Walk the fence line for fallen branches

  6. Bring in more firewood