How it started - How its going

Late fall 2017 we moved to the country with plans to start a flower farm & floral design studio.

The farm was romantic, beautiful, just the right size & had nearly everything we were looking for. Stunning landscapes for photoshoots & weddings, glorious 100+ yr old barn and enough room for bees, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and lots of flowers!

We prioritized repairs to the barn, plotted out garden beds, started tilling & planting, built a chicken coop & began shaping the farm with our vision.

We got our first pup! GARY!

Those ears! That face! A bloodhound who grew to be 168lbs & has stolen the heart of every single person he's met.

Raised our first brood of chickens. Nothing prepared me for how our actual experience with chickens was going to go. I'd expanded our library, read all the chicken books, we researched breeds and care. We went into it feeling pretty prepared!

Randy built an amazing coop inside the barn. It was beautiful. The nesting boxes had little round hobbit hole entrances & throughout the spacious coop plenty of thick branches to roost on.

The girls had only been moved in a couple months when the tornado leveled the barn.

We were certain they were all dead. The barn completely collapsed & was scattered across our property. Pieces of other buildings were found in the pond and woods. When we went out after sunrise, to our complete shock they were all alive!! All 23 survived a barn falling on them. Luckiest chickens on the planet.

We built an emergency coop out of pieces of the barn the next day. They free ranged by day & came home each night. It worked for a while. Until the predators caught on. And until they begin destroying our garden. Devilish little things!

Four coops later & 3 broods, we've learned more than we ever thought possible about keeping chickens! Not even top on the list is that we can now build a killer chicken coop!

It's taken a lot to get where we are today. We just passed the 3 year anniversary of the event. The new barn is almost finished. We've pushed forward keeping the dream alive.

When Gary was around a year old we found him a best friend. Ripley. The sweetest 6 week old Great Pyrenees /German Shepard. Literally best friend to all she meets. Madly in love with our twin farm cats. She misses going to farmers markets & was a regular our first year.

I bet 2020 was as interesting for us as it was for you! We pivoted as much as we could & tried to keep moving. Our weekly Farmers Market was what kept me (Farmer Miya) going. The community of customers & other farmers/makers was incredibly important in a very isolating year. (You can read an interview with me by Women of Cincy, here!)

We can't wait to be part of several amazing events this year. Our flowers, plants and more will continue to be available Saturday's May-Dec at Covington Farmers Market. We also plan to Pop Up at Second Sights Spirits in Ludlow, New Riff Distilleries, City Flea & more!

We've been succession planting perennials for months, prepping potted bulbs, seed starts and planning the new growing season & beds.

Since the first year, we've been saving seed from what we grow. Last year was no different. Actually I think last year was the most seed I've ever set back!

Farming is an investment in tomorrow. I'm all in!

Have a good day!



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