Jade & the future.

Updated: Mar 9

My favorite succulent! These jades have been with me for over a decade. I’ve been taking cuttings & propagating them for nearly as long.

They have special significance, surviving alongside me during some very hard times. I keep several, one large old papa I’m incredibly fond of.

The pups as I affectionately call them are split & potted up now and again.

Today several found their way into planters for upcoming markets. Several others were transplanted and will continue to grow before they are used in planters.

Our fantastic market customers & managers have evolved so quickly to our uncertain times. From bundles to Pre-orders to at market, we’ve been thrilled to be part of the efforts to keep local agriculture & business alive.

In the coming days & weeks we are creating a pre-order system for our markets, there you can order blooming planters, fresh cut flowers (when in season, think mid June!), indoor & outdoor potted plants, herbs & more.


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