Updated: Mar 24

These ephemeral and striking flowers are starting to bloom. Watching them pop out of the ground & slowly emerge from the buds is magical.

Most of my life I wouldn't have counted daffodils as a favorite. Now don't get me wrong.

I love them, there are few flowers I do not LOVE or even just like.

I've always liked a lot of things about them, they're precious, they remind me of my Grandma and I genuinely have NO idea why. But not on the fav list.

After living on the farm, planting my own very specific varieties, watching them come back & spread year after year, cheering me on from the secret garden. They're in. They've made the list. Hardcore in love. It feels like magic. They look like magic.

And you have them to thank for this very minimalistic palette this week!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Find them tucked into wrapped bouquets & orders, all week long.

This palette truly says spring to me. The pastels, mixed lilacs and pinks certainly have a place in spring designs, but for me to really get ready for the bounty ahead I need to first slow down & appreciate what is in front of me.

Right now, it's yellow and white.

Happy today everyone! m


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