Peach Dreams

So sweet, so peach!

In anticipation of sweeter days ahead, Farmer Miya has decided to chronicle her color inspiration & bouquet designs for the spring (while she still has a few spare hours.)

Once summer hits, no promises! When the fields & markets are in full swing, it's hard to keep up with our normal routine, so a blog series may not come back until winter. Wish us luck & if you like what you see, encourage us to keep at it! Please share with anyone you think may enjoy weekly flower updates.

There was a solid plan for a pastel springy mix when I started putting together this weeks orders. It sort of melted away when I saw the peach limonium, tan dianthus & gummy bear (my name for it, not proper!!) eucalyptus & the most lush garden roses of our life. Perfect. We hope you think so too! Find yours at ETC Produce in Findlay market & 2nd Sight Spirits in Ludlow Ky!

These bouquets feature lisianthus, alstroemeria, limonium, eucalypts, garden roses, sunflowers & much much more!

Have a great week!



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