Year and a half-ish round up.

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I feel like I appreciate the days more. I mean that literally & spiritually! My gratitude to be here is more than I can express. I look at the months of work and bounty ahead of me with such anticipation, but I am more firmly grounded in today than I have ever been. Farming has changed me fundamentally in just these first few years.

From the gory, senseless death of beloved animals, to processing and eating my own livestock, surviving a tornado - losing 2/3 of our property. Firewood. I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of heating my home with firewood, but it has all changed me, for the better.

I’ve always yearned for and tried to replicate a feeling of home and completeness since I was very young. Working this land, harvesting the bounty of my labors, planning our fields and crops, expanding my education and experience are not only parts of the greater adventure they are that completeness. Farming grounds me in Miya. And Mother Nature be damned, we’re doing this, for as long as I’m here.

Fall 2018 brought renewed excitement to the farm. I was awarded a partial scholarship to the Floret flower farm workshop.

My handwriting is still messy. My planning & organization may look weird to some, but it’s got me this far. There are days that I don’t brush my hair until bedtime. I still put cleaning the kitchen on my to-do list (I hate dishes that much). But the person that I am has grown exponentially.

On the anniversary of the tornado (2/25/18) another windstorm took down (much smaller) trees and our power. Needless to say, nerves were frayed. But we and our homestead survived.

Plans are in motion, news keeps coming in & we have some exciting things popping up. Heres to an exciting year!



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